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Calcium Chloride Ice Melt 50# bag

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt 50# bag


Available in pellet and flake form.

ICE CONTROL - Good results start by evenly applying 3-5 ounces/square yard. Remove slush. Apply more as conditions require. Reduce consumption by removing any loose snow or ice before spreading. Applying as snow begins will minimize usage and permit easy removal. Effective to -25° F. * DUST CONTROL - Calcium Chloride has been historically used for dust palliative on roads and unpaved surfaces for many years. Depending on conditions, apply at an initial rate of 1.5 pounds / square yard and reapply as needed. Wearing rubber gloves and rubber sole shoes is recommended. Application after a light rain or sprinkling of the area helps calcium chloride work effectively. Product is hygroscopic (attracts moisture) and helps bind dust particles, reducing road/path repair over time. * FAST ACTING PELLET - Due to the exothermic (generates heat) properties of calcium chloride and the pellet configuration, the fast acting pellets drill through ice and undercut the bond between the pavement and ice providing economical consumption and easy removal of ice and snow. Calcium Chloride work in a wide range of temperatures for quick action and safer environment. NOTICE * Although calcium chloride does not attack concrete of proper quality, any ice melter increases the number of freeze / thaw cycles that may damage concrete. Do not use on poor quality concrete. At risk is concrete that is chipped, cracked or has exposed aggregate or is poorly formulated, finished and does not comply with the American Concrete Institute Committee 201. Also vulnerable are new or uncured concrete (less than one year old approximately). Applying calcium chloride to these surfaces is not recommended and will be at users risk. Deicers can be harmful to vegetation when applied directly or in excess. A good idea is to remove the slush from the area around vegetation. STORAGE * Store in a dry area. Keep bags tightly sealed and do not store in upper floors or areas where leakage can cause damage. Dispose of contents or waste in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Do not reuse container.


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